Naumov A.S., Shalyto A.A. Control system of lift

Solovjev P.S., Vedeneev V.V. Control system of text game "Zavalinka". Programming with obvious allocation of conditions

Kornienko A.A., Kurochkin Y.V., Shalyto A.A. Window User Interface Emulation

Stepanov O.G., Shalyto A.A. "Smart" fly intelligence emulation system

Agafonov K.A., Poroh D.S., Shalyto A.A. Realization of the "SMTP" protocol on the basis of SWITCH-technology

Shtuchkin A.A., Shalyto A.A. Joint usage of compiler theory and SWITCH-technology (on the example of development of calculator)

Lazuta V.A. Graphic user interface for project "Immerssion"

Guisov M.I., Kuznetsov A.B., Shalyto A.A. The Problem by D.Mayhill. "Synchronization of the chain of Riflemans". Version 2

Bondarenko K.A., Shalyto A.A. XML - description of multimedia application's visual view based on using construction of automatons

Distel A.A., Kobak D.A., Shalyto A.A. Control system of traffic lights

Podtopelny M.A., Chebotareva A.A., Shalyto A.A. The robot, searching an exit from the maze

Miasnikov A.I. Push-button telephone

Markov S., Shalyto A. Carnivore control system for "Terrarium"

Vasilenko D.V., Zakirov R.Z., Shalyto A.A. Bank security system

Penev V.P., Stepanenkov V.V., Suchkousov E.A., Shalyto A.A. Computer Game "Automatic Bomber"

Kouznetsov D.V., Shalyto A.A. Robot control system for Robocode game. Version 2

Zayakin E.A., Shalyto A.A. Method of elimination of repeated fragments of a code at realization of finite automata

Hokkanen A.V., Shalyto A.A. Slot machine game imitator

Lopatuhina A.D. Artificial Intelligence Model of a "Bot"

Mazin M.M, Parfenov V.G., Shalyto A.A. Development of interactive Macromedia Flash applications using state-machine technology

Pervushin E.V., Shalyto A.A. Modelling of cash dispenser

Pestov A.A., Shalyto A.A. Transformation none determinate finite automaton into determinate finite automaton

Anichkin I.M. Using state-machine programming for building the transition graph editor

Alshevsky U.A., Raer M.G., Shalyto A.A Message exchange mechanism for automata working parallel (on turnstile control system example)

Astafurov A.A., Shalyto A.A. The development and usage of “Automata” pattern

Kessel S.V. Developing coffee-machine control system developed using automata technology

Feldman P.I., Shalyto A.A. Object-oriented modification of the automata approach (by the example of models animation)

Dobrovolski V.A., Stepuk A.V. A simple audio player

Yuzhakov E.M., Shalyto A.A. The development of autonomous virtual robot on the basis of the finite state machine method (example of "CodeRally" game, given on ACM international collegiate programming contest 2003)

Youdaev P.S., Suvorov K.D. Stock Exchange Emulation

Gavrilov M.I., Medvinskiy M.D., Shalyto A.A. Control system of the units for computer games-strategies

Belyaev A.V., Suyasov D.I., Shalyto A.A. Computer Game “Cosmonaut”

Dmitrichenko M., Shalyto A.A. Emulator of a microwave oven

Karpets A.A. The development of compilation and link control utility on basis of the automata approach (kmake)

Dron V.O., Plodovitova A.A. Control system of a camera model

Sapunkov V.S., Shalyto A.A. "Snake" game control system

Vorobieva E.A., Proshenko U.V., Shalyto A.A. Text editor with color syntax highlighting

Kanzhelev S.Y., Shalyto A.A. Push-button telephone modeling using SWITCH-technology. Variant 2

Bogdanov M.S., Shalyto A.A. LodeRunner

Zarubin A.A., Krayukhin D.S., Shalyto A.A. Data collection system at the weather-station (sample from the book by G. Booch)

E.V. Kalugin, P.V. Grafov Program for message exchange in a local network

Petroshenko P.A., Kokneev G.A., Shalyto A.A. Sea Battle Game

Ishmetyev A.R., Sitnikov A.N., Shalyto A.A. Refrigerator modelling (fragments)

Efremov A.V., Woroshilov K.A. Step-by-step role-play games developing method based on XML-scripts and finite-state automatas

Velder S.E., Bedny Y.D. Universal infra-red remote control for domestic technics

Hazanovsky A.J., Klimenko V.V., Shalyto A.A. Automatic Driving System

Kanzhelev S.Y., Shalyto A.A. Converting the transition graphs, created using the MS Visio into the program source code for the wide class of the programming languages (instrumental tool MetaAuto)

Dzhanmukhamedov V.S., Hvastunov A.P., Shalyto A.A. Evident system of assembly of Rubik's Cube

Suyasov D.I., Shalyto A.A. Programming projects auto documentation based on SWITCH-technology

Krasolnikov N.N., Shalyto A.A. Multi-agency traffic control system

Beleshko D.S. System of managing audioplayer. Variant 2

Zhdanov A.D., Kolomeytseva T.M., Shalyto A.A. Realisation of reliable data transmission protocol

Yartsev B.M., Shalyto A.A. “Bright Morning” alarm clock

Abdrashitov D.S. Control system of character in multiuser role play game

Yartsev B.M., Shalyto A.A. System of software emulation of the Lego Mindstorms robots system (Isenguardemu project)

Lesin V.M. Intermediate FTP-server

Pervushin E.V. Using finite state automats with the aim of improvement neural nets characteristics

Krasilnikov N.N., Shalyto A.A. Multi-agency traffic control system. Implementation in Java and textual automata language

Mordvintsev A.S. Using graphics processing unit for fluid dynamics modeling by Lattice-Boltzmann method

Hazanovsky A.J., A.A. Shalyto Using state-machine programming in automatic driving system

Chebotareva Y.K. Visual edition of automates in "Virtual laboratory for basic education of programs engineering"

Irinev A.V. Generation of probabilistic automations using reinforcement learning

Egorov K.V. Automata program verifier

Chernyavsky I. Making the lexical analyzers from regular expressions