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    / Projects / Modelling of cash dispenser (версия для печати)

Modelling of cash dispenser

(C) 2003, E.V.Pervushin, A.A.Shalyto

Saint-Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics

From here it is possible to download the full text of documentation in Russian in a PDF-format (436 Kb)
Here is the application (160 Kb)
Source code (83 Kb)


The purpose of this work is creation of control program of cash dispenser. The prototype of the system is a real example of cash dispenser. On the panel there are ten buttons with digits, “Eject”, “Cancel” and “Enter” buttons and also eight stipulated buttons. To get output information there is a display on the panel. A card is inserted through the card-receiver (CARD). A receipt is produced through the device of its issue (RECEIPT), and money can be got in the right bottom part of the panel.

For the aim of algorithmization and programming tasks of logic control and event-based systems was proposed the SWITCH-technology. To get acquainted familiarize with this technology and with specific examples of its usage see web-sites and

This technology is convenient for tasks of controlling technical objects, such as, for example, cash dispenser concerned in the present work. It is connected with the fact, that while using automatic approach, in particular, it is possible to increase the centralization of logic of control in a program code. Another advantage of this approach is, that the code is isomorphic to the column of transitions on which it is based. It allows to not address to texts of programs, and to examine only columns of transitions in order to understand the logic of the work of programs (their behavior).

In this work object-oriented and automat programming, called “object-oriented programming with explicit detachment of automats”, are both used. In the example concerned only one of the classes used is an automat.

The visualizer is executed in the form of an application in Delphi.

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