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    / Projects / Program for message exchange in a local network (версия для печати)

Program for message exchange in a local network

© 2005 E.V. Kalugin, P.V. Grafov

Saint-Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics

Project documentation (in Russian)
Linux application
Windows application


Within the framework of a rate of automatic designing programs it was offered to develop the automation or group of automations for the resolving of an educational problem of routing of messages in a local network. In result the kernel, realizing the given purpose, and also the user interface providing an exchange by text messages between computers, taking place in one subnet is received.

This system possesses functionality close to known system ICQ which provides an instant exchange of the text information between various users in a network.

The developed system does not demand use of a server of delivery of messages and provide s an exchange of messages in local networks.

The analysis of similar projects with open source on the Internet has shown, that available development is rather inconvenient on the interface. Absence of the project documentation does almost impossible their updating.

The given project is realized with use of SWITCH-technology ( in language C and C++. The given program is realized under operating systems Windows and Linux. Thus the program under Windows is written by traditional way, and in the program under Linux its kernel (a daemon realizing, in particular, routing of messages) it is designed with use of the finite automation.

Thus the program as a whole will consist of two parts — a daemon (automation) and the graphic interface written in the traditional way.

Comparison of these realizations as a result of which the conclusion is made is executed, that debugging of the program at use of the automatic approach essentially becomes simpler.

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