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    / Projects / Text editor with color syntax highlighting (версия для печати)

Text editor with color syntax highlighting

© 2004 Vorobieva E.A., Proshenko  U.V., Shalyto  A.A.

Saint-Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics

Project documentation (in Russian)
Executable program
Source code


The environment of development Fairy Editor (FEd) which supports color «illumination of syntax» a program code is offered in that work. The text of the program with color illumination raises productivity of the programmer, due to that such code more conveniently and fastly to read and understand.

This problem is expedient for solving with use of automatic method. For its algorithmization and programming appeared convenient to apply SWITCH-technology.

At realization of the project the specified environment allowing dynamically highlighting syntax of various languages has been developed.

There are analogues of the given environment of development. We list some of them:

  • UltraEdit 7.0 — the text editor, allowing to edit the big files (up to 2 Gb) and having the built — in illumination of syntax at a spelling of programs in languages C, Basic, HTML, etc.;
  • R-WIN Editor 6.0 — the multiwindow text editor which distinguishes coding TXT and HTML files (Cyrillic 855, 866, KOI8, 1251). In it are realized: search, replacement of the text, a seal, viewing, history of opening of files.

In more detail about these programs it is possible to read through on a site The specified editors not only do not contain the design documentation, but also open source code.

The present work is called to fill the specified blank — to develop the design documentation and to create on it the program containing such codes.

Program FEd is written in language «C#» in the environment «Microsoft Visual Studio .NET». The program works for Framework v1.0.3705.

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