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    / Projects / Control system of text game "Zavalinka". Programming with obvious allocation of conditions (версия для печати)

Control system of text game "Zavalinka". Programming with obvious allocation of conditions

(C) 2003 г. P.S.Solovjev, V.V.Vedeneev

Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics (Technical University)

From here it is possible to download the full Russian documentation in Russian in a PDF-format (265 Kb)


For algorithmization and programming of tasks of logic control of A.A.Shalyto the SWITCH-technology which with reference to event and to object-oriented programs was advanced by him together with N.I.Tukkel' was offered. Is detailed to familiarize with this technology and with concrete examples of its use it is possible on sites and

This technology is convenient for problems of control of technical objects. In work this technology is applied to a problem of control by text game.

Game the "Zavalinka" created within the framework of system IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is developed. Earlier similar game was realized by authors without use of SWITCH-technology (game "Quiz", a server, the channel #womend). The purpose of work is centralization of logic of control in a program code and increase of his readership, and also creation of the documentation appropriate to the project. At the description of logic of control the final automatic device is used.

For realization language Perl intended for problems(tasks), the texts connected to processing is chosen. We shall note, that in this language there is no analogue of design SWITCH and consequently the final automatic device is realized formally and isomorphically with the help of designs if - else. For processing texts in Perl the regular expressions realized also with the help of final automatic devices are used. Programs in language Perl work in operational systems Windows and Linux and, generally speaking, platform independent.

The working version of game is placed on a server, the channel #zavalinka.

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