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    / UniMod Projects / Digital Camera Simulation on Basis of Automata Approach to Programming (версия для печати)

Digital Camera Simulation on Basis of Automata Approach to Programming

© 2006. A. Potemkin, M. Meretyakov, A. Shalyto

Saint-Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics

Project documentation (in Russian)
Executable files (compilative approach)
Source code


The project presents itself digital camera model. The goal is to demonstrate possibilities of automata programming in the field of simulation of control units with the such kind of complexity. During the program development UniMod was used as the main tool. It is a plugin for open development environment Eclipse and adds to it the support of "Executable UML" conception.

The program is GUI application, which consists of one window. This window simulates back panel of digital camera body. During model design the authors were guided by their camera Konica Minolta A200, but there was no goal to repeat the whole professional functionality of the last. The model supports the only common possibilities of modern digital cameras, like the following

  • two general operating modes: image record and photo playback;
  • digital camera rotations relative to horizontal and vertical axises;
  • increasing and decreasing of lens focal length;
  • different ISO modes: by default, ISO 100, ISO 200 and ISO 400;
  • different flash modes: by default, enabled flash and disabled flash;
  • different kinds of image record:
    • single image record;
    • continuous record of four images;
    • self-timer record after four seconds;
  • different kinds of photo playback:
    • one photo playback in original size;
    • thumbnails playback (miniatures of nine photos can be displayed at once);
  • photo navigation, which depends on the current kind of photo playback;
  • deletion of selected photo or all photos at once;
  • setup of record parameters and execution of operations under photos via menu.
For best use of camera model see demonstration in the attachment of project documentation.

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