System of software emulation of the Lego Mindstorms robots system (Isenguardemu project)

© 2006 B. Yartsev, A.A. Shalyto

Saint-Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics

Project documentation (in Russian)
Executable program and source code


The goal of this project is to develop the emulation environment for the Lego Mindstorms robots system (Isenguard project In this project the Automata-Based programming is used for the creation of the system of the interactive robots. Automata-Based programming is also used for the design of the user-interface of the emulator.

The emulator is developed using the object-orientied language Java. To launch the program the JRE 1.4.* or newer should be installed. The program is launched by the file start.bat, which is located in the archive together with the emulator's source code.