Push-button telephone

(C) 2003 Miasnikov A.I.

Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics (Technical University)

It is possible to download the full text of documentation in Russian in a PDF-format here (290 Kb)
It is possible to download the telephone emulator here (30 Kb)


The project represents realization of the model emulating work of a push-button telephone. The SWITCH-technology was applied for the decision of tasks of designing and programming. More in detail about SWITCH-technology it is possible to find out on sites http://is.ifmo.ru and http://www.softcraft.ru.

In a basis of system two automatic devices containing five and six conditions accordingly lay. The phone has 10 digital buttons for a set of number, the button of dump, there is also an opportunity to remove and put a telephone tube.

The model is realized in language Java. It was tested under OS Windows.

Application of SWITCH-technology rather quickly and simply has allowed to construct logic of the program, and use of dens to simplify its debugging.

Initial texts of programs are in applied archive in the catalogue src. In the compiled kind they are placed in a directory classes. For start of the program it is necessary to start class Telephone on performance. For example, thus:

java -cp classes ru.ezhiki.srez.telephone.Telephone