Realization of the "SMTP" protocol on the basis of SWITCH-technology

(C) 2003 K.A.Agafonov, D.S.Poroh, A.A.Shalyto.

Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics (Technical University)

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The target of this project is to create the SMTP mail protocol modeling program complex, which is to be in agreement with RFC821 specification.

This complex consist of four application, which demonstrate our SMTP protocol realization functionality:

All applications are based on the same SMTP protocol kernel.

Algorithms of the kernel are realized with SWITCH-technology usage, which is based on finite state automates.

This example of SMTP protocol realization shows SWITCH-technology advantage over standard object oriented methods. Graphs of transitions and automates relationship schemes improve the program modification processes, functionality increase processes and the code understanding.