Control system of lift

(C) 2003 . A.S.Naumov, A.A.Shalyto

Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics (Technical University)

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The purpose of work is creation of the program of control by the lift. The prototype of system is the real example of the lift used in inhabited three-tier houses. On the panel of a call for all floors, except for extreme, two buttons ("Upwards" and "Downwards") are stipulated. In a cabin there is button "STOP" - a stop on the nearest floor on a course of movement. Except for that in the lift the indicator of a cargo and the automatic timer of closing of doors is stipulated in case in a cabin of anybody is not present.

For algorithmization and programming of tasks of logic control of A.A.Shalyto the SWITCH-technology which with reference to event and to object-oriented programs was advanced by him together with N.I.Tukkel' was offered. Is detailed to familiarize with this technology and with concrete examples of its use it is possible on sites and

This technology is convenient for tasks of control of technical objects, such as, for example, the lift examined in the present work. It is connected by that at use of the automatic approach, in particular, it is possible to raise centralization of logic of control in a program code. Other advantage of this approach is, that the code is isomorphic the column of transitions on which it was under construction. It allows for understanding of logic of work of programs (their behavior) to not address to texts of programs, and to examine only columns of transitions.

For realization language Java, in a kind of is chosen that the appendix is executed as applet with the purpose of convenient acquaintance with the given example of use of SWITCH-technology.

In the given work it is shown, as it is easily possible to separate logic of work of a control system from concrete realization of the system.