Using state-machine programming for building the transition graph editor

(C) 2003 Ilya M Anichkin

Saint-Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics

Full documentation in PDF format (in Russian) (217 kb)
Program executables (exe + graph sample) (370 kb)
Program source codes (85 kb)


The objective of this project is to construct an application for editing the automaton transition graph. The editor algorithm itself is described using automata approach.

SWITCH-technology offered by A.A.Shalyto for logical control algorithmization and programming was than developed by him together with N.I.Tukkel for object-oriented and event-triggered applications. This technology is being used here to implement the control algorithm of automaton transition graph editor. It is to be mentioned that the automaton and its transition graph are the basic elements of the approach used in SWITCH-technology.

For in-depth knowledge of this technology and its applications please refer to

The project presented here is the example of usage of SWITCH-technology for building ordinary Windows applications. This technology is used here together with standard control methods of Windows operating system and also with object-oriented controls supplied with Borland Delphi IDE.

Considered example illustrates good adaptability of SWITCH-technology not only for technical objects control, but also for building Windows applications starting from user interface and interaction with operating system up to internal program logics.

This example does not pretend to be a finished application ready for commercial use, but is just an experimental prototype.