Computer Game "Automatic Bomber"

(C) 2002 V.P. Penev, V.V. Stepanenkov, E.A. Suchkousov, A.A. Shalyto

Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics (Technical University)

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For algorithmization and programming the game "Automatic Bomber" we used the SWITCH-technology that develops with reference to development of the software event systems (

In the present work object-oriented and automatic styles of programming are used in common. Such approach N.I.Tukkel and A.A.Shalyto named "object-oriented programming with obvious allocation by a condition".

It is necessary to note, that the basic attention in the present work is given designing of the program with application of schemes and the diagrams distinguished from offered in universal language of object-oriented modelling UML.

The offered technology is illustrated on an example of fascinating computer game which purpose is rivalry with other players. Game demands not only fast keypressing, but also train recognition of an event on the screen as it is necessary to watch a plenty of objects that is not a simple task. Game allows to use different tactics.

This game one of the most entertaining among similar games as means rivalry with real people. The classical variant is named "Bomber Man". Further the name of game underwent many changes, for example "Dyna Blaster" or "Mr. Boom". Last, which authors are not known to us, was written under operational system MS-DOS and not started under Windows NT. We took idea of this game and all pictures of players, bombs, fields and monsters. In result the same game has turned out but already started under any versions Windows 9x or higher.

The present work contains the documentation that includes rules of game, the diagram of classes, schemes of connections of automats and them graph transitions on which the text of the program is formally and isomorphically written.

In the first version of game the quantity of players is limited to two. The program does not support game through a network. Instead of the other six players monsters are realized. There are no prizes which introduce in game a lot of interesting.