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    / Home / Bertrand Meyer's gratifying letters (версия для печати)

Bertrand Meyer's gratifying letters

Dear Professor Vasiliev!

Please accept my thanks for the warmth of your welcome and the honor your bestowed on me. That day will be a great memory for me and my wife for the rest of our lives.

We also particularly appreciated the kind attention of organizing a tour under the expert guidance of Professor Parfionov’s daughter.

I was very impressed with the enthusiasm of the students I met from Professor Shalyto’s group and the quality of their work. I can see a number of interesting possibilities for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Right now I am still attending a conference in Saint Petersburg; as soon as I am back in Zurich I will write a report for the management of ETH and especially the Rector (Professor Konrad Osterwalder,, and explore specific opportunities. Please feel free to write to Professor Osterwalder and to me if in the meantime you have any specific ideas.

Many thanks again for a wonderful visit and best regards,

— Bertrand Meyer
Professor of Software Engineering
& Chair of Computer Science Department
ETH Zurich

Dear Professor Shalyto!

My previous message to the Rector cc-ed to you was the more official note; on the personal side I am extremely grateful to you for the warmth of your welcome and how you wonderfully organized everything.

I definitely intend to pursue opportunities of cooperation. Aside from what can be organized at the university level, there are a number of possible actions from my chair. In particular, I have, as mentioned, positions open for PhD students (aspirants) and postdocs and while I will of course evaluate every application carefully a recommendation from you would play a strong role.

I was very impressed by the quality of your students and the team spirit in your group, obviously due to your very strong leadership.

Thanks again and best regards,

— Bertrand Meyer

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