Window User Interface Emulation

(C) 2003 A.A.Kornienko, Y.V.Kurochkin, A.A.Shalyto

Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics (Technical University)

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The purpose of work is creation of the program emulating the elementary window user interface which uses one kind of windows. Each window can be drawn, moved, resized or closed.

For algorithmization and programming of tasks of logic control of A.A.Shalyto the SWITCH-technology which with reference to event and to object-oriented programs was advanced by him together with N.I.Tukkel' was offered. Is detailed to familiarize with this technology and with concrete examples of its use it is possible on sites and

The object-oriented approach with obvious separation of states is used in the work. The program is event-trigger. It is written in language C++ in the Visual Studio .NET development environment.