Programming projects auto documentation based on SWITCH-technology

© D.I. Suyasov, A.A. Shalyto

Saint-Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics

Project documentation (in Russian)
Executable program and source code


Creating documentation is one of the most important things in a programming project. The process of documentation writing can be divided into the steps: requirements specification, engineering, code writing and testing. The most boring and oft-recurring parts of documentation can be created automatically. InetDoc auto generating system is the special thing for this purpose.

Documentation auto generation based on comments. The project developer put this comments into the special places of source code. Then the auto generating system reads the comments and the source and gets useful information from them. This information putted into previously created templates so the project documentation created.

The advantage of this technology is the independence from project programming language. And that’s why Java, C++, JavaScript, HTML and other languages can be used.

Documentation auto generating system has three variant of realization. The first variant based on structure finite automats and “flexible” rules in generating. The next two variants use regular extensions and structure finite automats and classical automats by Aho. All three systems solve the auto generation purposes.